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Grated Kefir Cheese
Aged 1-3 years
Pungent & Tangy, Cave Aged
We call it Kefir-san!
Use it as you would a Parmesan cheese.
Sprinkle on fish, meat, grain or veggie dish, or anything Italian!
1/2 Pound Grated Cheese
$16.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Grated Cheese
$28.00 plus shipping
kefir_italian_pasta_cheese kefir_blue_cheese
A firm hard Cave Aged cheese My favorite!
Great for grating, or melting on a burger or steak. Kefir & Roquefort, a super blend of taste and texture!
Crumble into your favorite one-dish meal. Cave Aged & Wax coated.
1/2 Pound Kefir Italian Pasta Cheese
$16.00 plus shipping
1/2 Pound Kefir Blue
$16.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Kefir Italian Pasta Cheese
$28.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Kefir Blue
$28.00 plus shipping
Kefir_peppercorn_cheese kefir_tomato_garlic_cheese
A pleasant combination of Kefir tang and pepper bite. Flavor up your zucchini casserole, avocado tapas, or
Great for salads! No rind. grilled potatoes! No rind.
1/2 Pound Peppercorn Cheese
$16.00 plus shipping
1/2 Pound Kefir Tomato-Garlic
$16.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Peppercorn Cheese
$28.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Kefir Tomato-Garlic
$28.00 plus shipping
kefir_salad_cheese Kefir Wine Companion
Simple Kefir! No rind, just pure Kefir! Basic desire!
Think Kefir bruscetta! Cave Aged Kefir cheese.
1/2 Pound Kefir Salad Cheese Great for wine pairing!
$16.00 plus shipping A semi-hard cheese. Wax coated.
A mature blend of unique Kefir notes!
1 Pound Kefir Salad Cheese
$28.00 plus shipping
1/2 Pound Kefir Wine Companion
$16.00 plus shipping
1 Pound Kefir Wine Companion
$28.00 plus shipping
Give it a try!
1/4 lb. Blue
1/4 lb. Peppercorn
1/4 lb. Tomato garlic
1/4 lb. Wine Companion
$32.00 plus shipping

Shipments will be sent out on a Monday or a Tuesday to make sure you get your cheese promptly, and it does not have to be held over at a postal facility. The cheese will be sent via US Priority Mail.

Thank you for patience!


Our Kefir cheese is the only cheese sold in the United States cultured with living Kefir grains, and may be the only Kefir cheese in the world made with creamy fresh raw milk from Irish Dexter house cows!

Kefir grains are packed full of probiotics that are good for digestive health, and promote long life. Throughout history they have been used to culture milk by peoples that enjoyed longevity.

Kefir grains have been protected and propagated for centuries, and today we can enjoy what those who came before us knew was beneficial for well being.

Because our Kefir cheese is full of numerous beneficial organisms, far more than any cheese made with a commercial cheese starter, taste and texture will vary, depending on the time of year it is made, and what the cows are munching on. Our cheese is artisanal, meaning that it is made in a traditional way, by hand, by one cheesemaker, Rose Marie Belforti. A fresh kefir mother culture is brewed for each batch of cheese. Depending on the temperature and pH of the mother culture, different micro-organisms will be dominant, resulting in different flavors and textures. We also add a roquefort bacteria for our blue cheeses.

Kefir cheese does not, by nature, want to conform. It is a living cheese, and desires to express itself freely. We celebrate the diversity within our cheese, and hope that you will too. It is the way ancient cheese was before standardization of commercial cheese cultures.

Kefir cheese prefers to rest at room temperature for at least an hour before tasting. Being a living cheese, it loves to be warm! You can also put your cheese under a cheese bell and let it sit on the table for a day or more. The flavor increases as it warms! It will only get better with age!! The rind is meant to be eaten unless there is a think wax coating that we use to protect the cheese while aging in our cave. The Kefir Wine Companion, and the Traditional Blue cheeses have a wax coating. It is edible, but can be removed easily.

This is a hardy cheese, and can take some abuse, so if you leave it in your lunch box overnight, it should still be fine in the morning! One can only imagine the myriad conditions kefir products would have endured throughout history as peoples packed them on their yaks and camels and traveled the earth.

Kefir cheese will enhance any dish you prepare. Eat it alone, with your favorite wine, fruit, nuts, melted or grated on grains, meats, salads, whatever you imagine! Pack it in a pouch with an apple to enhance your journey!

Tim & Rose, Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, LLC

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