Making great food from Dexter milk is a blessing!

One Dexter cow can keep a large family in milk, butter, kefir and cheese for most of the year!

And a calf once a year too!kefir_cheese_recipes

There was a time in history when most families had a milk cow. She was treasured and considered a prize possession. Wealth was measured in cattle.

Now, with all the additives in commercial milk today, it is a great time to have your own cow!!!

Milk is a fascinating product!

We get milk, buttermilk, butter, cream, whey, kefir and many varieties of cheese all from the precious liquid from a giving cow!

It is a miracle!

I have put together some recipes from my home kitchen using our own Dexter milk and would love to share them with you

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Steel Cut Oat Porridge

Making Butter is easy!!

Baked Penne with Swiss Chard and Sausage

Kefir Drink

Kefir-Inspired Home Fries

Kefir Risotto

First Milk Soup

A Simple Salad and Blue

Kefir Cheese Crackers