Our Sales Policy for Dexter Cows

At Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, LLC, we highly value the animals entrusted to us for care and nurture. Cows are special beings. They need and deserve the attention which allows them to flourish and give their bounty of milk for harvest.

We are profoundly aware that Dexter cows are diligent and caring mothers. They instinctually have a very strong desire to nurture their young. We respect their natural desires, and allow them to remain with their calves for five to six months. Contrary to the common farm practice of taking the calf away at hours or days old, our calves suckle their mothers until weaned.

The results are no less than astonishing. Our cows grow up to be secure, strong and healthy individuals who are handled and ready to train to your program. Our Dexter cattle are of very high genetic quality, having been bred selectively for the best traits in milk production, temperament and conformation. As beef qualities are also important, we retain dual purpose integrity in our breeding program.

Our farm has been awarded the ‘Animal Welfare Approved’ seal for superior welfare animal husbandry. The ‘World Society for the Protection of Animals’ has endorsed the standard as “the most stringent” of any third-party certifier. We adhere to their excellent standards because we know it is best for our cows, their milk, our cheese, and ultimately, for our customers.

We strive to place our Dexters with people who will care for and value them as we do. Before a cow leaves our farm, we seek to find the best animal-to-owner match we can. We will request to see pictures of where the cow will be housed, and will take time to learn about your plans. We are looking for “Forever Happy Homes” for our Dexters, where they will be well nourished and provided for. However, should circumstances arise which dictate that you can no longer keep or care for your cow, we ask that you let us know immediately so that we can help you find a new home.

We appreciate our valued customers, and encourage you to keep these thoughts in mind as we consider each situation. It is only through protection and good stewardship that we will ensure a respectful life for farm animals. Unfortunately, their innocence is violated every day in this world. We are determined to make a difference in the quality of their lives at our farm, and will do our best to place them on farms that will provide them with safe and healthy environments.

It is essential to have a good plan established before acquiring a large animal. Make sure you have proper housing, adequate pasture, secure fencing, and check with your municipality to make sure your neighborhood is zoned for large animals. We encourage you to do your homework regarding the basics concerning the Dexter breed. Read all you can, and become familiar with Dexter issues. A Dexter cow can live to be 20 years old. She will graciously give a calf each year, and an abundance of milk when her needs are met. She will also give years of companionship and a rewarding mutual relationship that will grow over time.

Owning a cow is a long term commitment. We will always be available for advice after your purchase. Just drop us a line with any concerns you may have. You will always be in our Dexter family of friends.

Of course we do sell bulls and steers as well, and we also expect that they will be properly cared for and respected until their lives are ended. Thank you for your consideration of our sales policy.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold cattle. We reserve the right to assess the suitability of prospective owners, and to re-adjust any previous agreed-upon sales arrangements based on any new forthcoming circumstances.

May God bless and prosper you in every way!!
Rose & Tim
Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery