Making Butter is easy!!

All you need is some farm fresh cream (raw milk cream is best) and a blender!


Fill the blender about ½ full with lovely Dexter cream (or cream from any type of cow) and blend away!!!

You will see the cream whip first, and then it will go beyond whipping. You are now making butter!!

When you see the fat of the cream, which is butter, separate from the watery buttermilk, you will know you have made butter.

Don’t blend too much more than when you see the separation occur or you will go beyond butter! But make sure you blend enough to have a nice thick butter, and then stop the blender.

If you go beyond butter, you cannot retrieve your butter. It will be gone for ever. Not sure what you have made then, but it will not be butter. You can cook with it if you lose your butter.

Once you have the butter separated from the buttermilk, let the blender sit still for two minutes. Then you may remove the blender jar from the blender and pour the contents through a colander, or sieve it through your hands so that you have your butter separated from the buttermilk.

Squeeze, or knead, or pat the butter in your hands over a dish to get the remainder of the buttermilk out of the butter and voila! You have the best, most freshest butter in the world!

If you are using raw milk cream you should freeze it if you have made too much to use in one week. Butter from raw milk does not last in the frig as long as commercial butter. And don’t leave it out on the counter all day either, as it will sour! Freezing will not kill the probiotics in your butter.