Missy and Bronson 2009 litter

Our Miss Lady and Pint-A-Rosa Bronson have great news!!!
Pups arrived on August 18th, 2009.

(All pups are now at their forever happy homes!! Please contact us for future breeding plans).

Here are two farmcollies that are very different, yet have equally exceptional qualities to imbue to the new pups.
Missy’s parents are Gracehaven Angus and Ginny, and Bronson’s parents are Lanza’s Lassie Boy 31 PRGN (American Working Farmcollie Association) and Miss Scarlett, parented by Chesney’s Banjo 3 PRGN (AWFA) and Chesney’s Lilly of the Valley 4 PRGN (AWFA).
Miss Lady 104 PGN (AWFA) is the gentle guardian and protector of our farm. She is always alert, bold and beautiful, very intelligent and attentive. She is loving and warm hearted to all that she meets. Please click here to read about her parentage.
Bronson wisely herds a flock of assorted birds and patrols his borders to keep away coyotes and other intruders. He is a very gentle dog with an exceptionally sweet personality and high intelligence. He is from a long line of the Chesney working farmcollies. Please click here to read about Bronson’s parentage.

If you are interested in our pups, please email us at We will place our pups in selected homes after an extensive interview with you. Our hope is that our pups will be in loving homes with the opportunity to express their natural tendencies, and use their instincts for farm, rescue, therapy work, or as loving companions to active families members.

Serena Lanza and her very special Bronson with Missy on the left.
Pint-a-Rosa Bronson is a happy boy!
The Farmcollie pups have arrived!!
Missy and Bronson would like everyone to know that the new pups arrived on August 18th, 2009 between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. All went well. We got it done in the whelping box, safe and sound. Missy had 8 pups!
5 girls and 3 boys!

All healthy, wiggly, beautiful! and hungry! Give a shout if your home or farm is ready for a loyal, eager to work, beautiful companion! or 315-364-3581
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Missy and Pups 9 days into it The gang 9 days old The gang - nine days old
Pups recieve a loving visit from friends!
Puppy Love Puppy Hugs Fun in the whelping box Whelping box fun