Kefir-inspired Home Fries

Potatoes (organic is best)
Kefir cheese, grated
Butter (home made is best)
Parsley (or any other veggie you like to add to home fries)
Olive oil (virgin)
Garlic salt


Method:In a cast iron frying pan, sauté onion in home made butter and/or virgin olive oil. Grate any amount of potatoes you want, depending on the serving sizes and number of people you are serving (also, how hungry is everyone!!) Add the potatoes to the sautéed, glistening clear onions.

Yum!! What a nice smell in the house!!!

Turn frequently to cook all sides of grated potatoes. Add parsley or any other chopped veggies, garlic salt, and pepper to taste. When the home fries are cooked the way you like them, add ½ cup of grated kefir cheese.

Now, serve with your favorite eggs!

I like to make a Mexican breakfast, that’s my favorite!!!

Eggs cooked any way you like, home cooked black beans and salsa sauce, lots of warm tortillas, a slice of farm fresh bacon, sausage, or beef, Kefir-inspired home fries, and some guacamole if you have it!!!

This is a hardy wholesome breakfast!!

Not for everyday, great for the working weekend!

Now you are ready for chopping wood, fixing the tractor, running the cattle to the back pasture. Whatever you have ahead of you!!!