Kefir Drink

Also called the champagne of milk, or poor man’s beer, or white blood!


Kefir grains
Ball jar


kefirTo make the very best and most nutritious Kefir drink, you want to get some kefir grains. Kefir grains cannot be manufactured. They are a creation by God Himself!!

There are several ways to acquire kefir grains.

You can find someone who has them that will share with you.

Once your grains are in milk, give them 12-48 hours, whatever it takes, to culture the milk. If the jar you are using to culture your kefir is clear, cover it with a towel so that the sun will not damage the milk. Keep it in a place where you can maintain the kefir grains at temps between 65-72 F. They are happy if the temp goes lower, but if you go higher, you will change the balance of the bacteria and your kefir will “blow”! Then you will have your kefir culturing to curds and whey before they get a chance to make a nice kefir. The make time also changes based on your temps and how many grains you have in the quantity of milk you are using. If cooler, it will take longer to culture, and if warmer, it will culture sooner. You can allow the milk to become thick or keep it light, but do not let it go beyond thick, so that you have a separation of curd and whey. If you do, you have gone too far. The kefir grains do not like that so much!

When you have the culture the way you want it, strain the kefir grains out of the cultured milk with a strainer. You do not need to wash your grains.

Add the grains to more milk, and put back on your countertop with the cloth on top. Put the kefir drink that you just made in a jar, and into the frig for the best beverage in the world! It will stay fresh for approximately 3 weeks.

Dom’s kefir site will tell you all about how to keep your grains when you go away for awhile, and all sorts of important things.

Remember, kefir grains are living beings, treat them with respect!!!

Enjoy your kefir culture!!! It is so good for you!!!