Kefir Cheese

A brand new cheese never before made or sold in the Americas!

Our kefir cheese is Probiotic naturally!!

At Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, LLC we handcraft an artisanal, farmstead raw milk kefir cheese, cultured with authentic living kefir grains!

In 2006 we received funding from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) to upscale our home recipe for Kefir cheese to a commercial process. In cooperation with the Cornell University Food Processing & Development Laboratory, we set out to establish a standard for the new Kefir cheese. We were very fortunate to have the expertise at Cornell to help put our new recipe together.

Kefir grains are a matrix of living microbial lactic bacterium and yeasts. They have been used for centuries to culture milk by traditional peoples known for good health and longevity. Kefir grains propagate naturally when immersed in milk, making them an ideal sustainable natural resource. As they propagate, one can either give them away, save them for later by freezing or drying, or simply eat them!! The grains are a supercharged probiotic food!!

The only reason kefir grains exist today is because they have been nurtured and passed down for generations by those who understand the benefit to the digestive system. Kefir grains have recently become available in the U.S. They have never been applied to commercial cheese production as far as we know. Although there are Kefir products on the market, they are not made with Kefir grains, and do not include the unique array of beneficial probiotic bacteria inherent in the kefir grains. All other kefir products on the market today have been cultured with an industrial starter. These commercial starters only have two or three strains of beneficial bacteria, where living kefir grains have more than twenty nourishing organisms!

We have tested our cheese for probiotics long after the required aging period of 60 days, and have documented a healthy amount of probiotic organisms in our Kefir cheese. That means our cheese is probiotic naturally!! An authentic food!

If you are interested in using Kefir grains for home use, please visit our links page. There you will find Dom’s Kefir website, where you can learn all you ever wanted to know, and then some, from Dom. He has built a wonderfully informative and fun website.

We have designed a very tasty raw milk Kefir cheese aged for 60 days or more. We have been told it has an old world flavor…pleasant, tangy and nutty. It has a natural rind, and sometimes with a little help from nature, a lovely mold will grace the surface and add a flavor similar to blue cheese! When warmed to room temperature, our Kefir cheese is very fragrant and moist.

Kefir cheese can be eaten alone, with fruit, melted on bread or meal, grated, or taken on long walks or commutes for a wholesome uplifting snack! Please click on our Recipes link for suggestions and ideas!

We use the full cream milk from our own Irish Dexter cows in our cheese. Dexter milk insures lots of luscious, rich cream. Our little house cows give very high butterfat milk, a very rare treasure to behold!

Our new cheese is simply called Kefir cheese! Please click on our Where to Buy Cheese page to purchase Kefir cheese directly from our website, or from any of the fine establishments also there on the same page.

Enjoy and may many blessings come your way!

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