Kefir Cheese Crackers


2 cups flour of your choice, can be gluten free
6 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup Grated Kefir Cheese
1/2 cup cream or milk

This recipe is a general outline. You do what you want with it. I can
tell you one thing, the pungent Kefir cheese will really give a nice
‘Wow’ to the crackers. I had a chef addicted to them at a wine tasting!
Check for taste as you add ingredients, and check consistency, you may
need to add more or less depending on your flour choice.
The dough should be thick enough to roll, but not too thick…I know,
that is vague, but you guys are all good cooks, you know what I mean.
Cooking is all about how YOU like it! Make it according to your taste,
and you will also please everyone else. And above all, have fun!!
Children love this stuff because it is quick and with great healthy
Making crackers is a bit like making pie crust in that you don’t want
to over ‘work’ it. Only mix it as much as needed, and no more. The
ingredients want to be as cold as you can get them. Cold butter, cold
milk or cream…and when you put them together, just mix enough to
blend the ingredients. Now you are going to roll them out with a
rolling pin. Rolling works better when the ingredients are cold. Flour
your cutting board, and flour your dough. Oh, also flour your rolling
Roll the dough out as symmetrically as you can. A rectangle the size
of your cookie sheet if possible. You will have a nice flat…maybe
1/4 inch dough when completely rolled out. As flat as you can get it
without tearing it. Transfer the dough to a cookie sheet lined with
parchment paper. That helps with the sticking problem when it is time
to take them off the pan.
Once you have your dough on the tray, make cuts at least half way
through the dough in long straight lines going the long way and the
short way, so you have the shapes of the little crackers. Whatever
shape and size you want. Put them in the oven. 350 degrees  and cook
until light brown. When done, cool and then break along the serrated
If you undercook them, they won’t have the crunchy effect of a cracker.
Variation can be with with herbs, nuts…different flours, coconut oil
instead of butter….but keep the grated Kefir in there! That is what
really makes the crackers distinct!
Have fun! They stay crunchy for about a week when covered. I don’t
think they will last that long though.