First Milk Soup (or Curd Soup)

Those ain’t potatoes, they’re curded milk!
This is an old time recipe I am sure, even though I have never heard of it. Someone has made it sometime, somewhere, now or in the far past. It may be an Appalachian tradition for all I know.
Email me if you make this soup or if you know someone who does.
Use first milk only.
First milk is from a cow who has just freshened. You let the calf have the colostrum for about 48 hours. After the colostrum comes very high butterfat milk (in Dexters anyway). This milk is too thick and rich to drink, but a curd soup is delicious!!
Heat the milk on medium heat until it simmers, do not boil the milk. Let sit and rest for one hour. The milk will curd. This first milk is so rich with butterfat it naturally curds from the heating process.
Add water to thin it after it has curded.firstmilksoup
You can also add condensed chicken, celery or mushroom soup if you do that sort of thing…
Continue to cook on low heat while adding: sauteed onions, garlic and celery in home made butter or olive oil.
Add chicken stock, salt or tamari, veggit, and pepper to the sauteed veggies and then add to the curded milk.
Add spinach, asparagus or any fresh veggie to the soup.
Serve topped with grated Kefir cheese!!!
This is a comfort food for sure!!!!