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Farm collies are beautiful, intelligent dogs that love to help us get the farm chores done on the farm. They are capable of guarding, hunting, herding, gathering in the hens, geese, and cattle, as well as keeping a loving eye on the children. They are alert to our needs and learn quickly to be useful under correct supervision. A pure joy to behold! A common dog in the countryside until the 1950’s, during times when the American family farm was the backbone of our economy.

The farm collies of time past were not a breed in the modern sense of having an organized breed club and registry. They were a North American landrace descended from the working collies of Great Britain that were brought to America by early settlers.

The decline of the farm collie corresponds to the rise of formal kennel club registries and the creation of the modern “pure” breeds, as well as the loss of the family farm in our landscape.

Concern for the future of the old farm collie began in the early 1900’s. At least two pure breeds that we know of were developed from the old North American farm collie during the early 20th century: the English Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd.

As post World War II agriculture in North America began to change, and small farms began to disappear, the old farm collie known as a common stock dog also began to disappear between the 1940s and 1960s.

American Farm Collies today are selected in a traditional manner to preserve the good multi-purpose family pet and all around farm dog capable of helping the owner of a small farm.

We are committed to preserving the farm collie and protecting the natural instincts that have been passed down through the generations in these unique and special dogs.

We will have a litter of pups from time to time. Please read our webpage on our 2009 litter for more info. We encourage you to contact us for planned litters.

Our farm collies:

Missy - Farmcollie
Missy watches over Dan

Fingerlakes Miss Lady is 3/4 Rough Collie and 1/4 English Shepherd. She excels in patrolling our property for predators, and guards over the farm. She is a loving, hovering mother over small animals and calves. She is excellent with children and loves to welcome visitors to our farm. She is highly intelligent and determined on the job, and a magnificant house dog who is content to sit by the fire when the work is done. She is a very compassionate being!

Danny with Dexter Cows

Our Caledonia Danny Boy is pure English Shepherd. He is extremely biddable, very dedicated and adoring of his master. He learns and takes commands quickly and easily. He is a natural heeler with cattle. In the home he is as gentle as a lamb, and with the cattle he is boss! Danny is a pure joy with a balanced, warm and endearing temperament. Like old ‘Shep’ of old, he is the most loyal dog in the world!

Missy and Danny


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