Dexters are a very small breed of cattle originally from Ireland. They are tri-purpose, great for meat, milk and draft. They are very intelligent, can be easily trained, and are very inquisitive. The more they are accustomed to being around us, the more they give of their unique and precious personalities.

Dexters are easy keepers, as they do not eat as much, nor require as much acreage as larger cattle. Dexters have a very unique history and set of genetics. Please refer to for lots of science on Dexter cattle. Gabriella Nanci has done a wonderful job of covering all the details. Dexters calve easily compared to many other breeds and they are free from health problems when properly cared for.

Before you purchase a Dexter read as much as you can about them. We encourage you to look at as many as you can, and visit and talk with breeders. The educated buyer will be the happiest over the long run.

Dexter cattle can do important work for sustainable agriculture. There has been an amazing surge over the years in goat ownership, and there are numerous goat cheeses on the market now. The Dexter can have the same acclaim. A “contented cow” is a joyful thing to behold! We encourage new interest in raising Dexters for the work they can do to bring milk and meat to our tables. Our model for a Dexter micro-dairy will hopefully inspire others, and be an example for those who wish to build their own dairy. Dexter milk is exquisite, and well worth the effort.

We grass feed and pasture our cattle, and we use no drugs or other additives in their feed or care. The milk is as clean and fresh as can be! We love our cows, each one is a friend and very unique. They are part of the family. Their well-being comes first in our thoughts before production concerns. Therefore, we make sure they mother their young for as long as they can before we wean the calves. Our cattle always have access to pasture, and are never confined.

A small operation can have a humane approach to dairying, so that the true care for the cows is as important as the milk they give. This is very important in a world where dairying seems to have forgotten to value the very one that gives us the treasure she has. A cows first objective is to feed and rear her calf for a good six months. She will have more milk than that one calf will need, and we are thankful for the excess harvest. That is the way dairying was always meant to be, and we hope that one day it will return to the balance that serves the lives of the cattle as much as it does ours. When we approach dairying this way, milk is truly a pleasure and a gift to behold!

We love the closeness we have with our herd. I think they like it too! Having quality time with them twice a day, training them to become docile milkers, and teaching them polite etiquette in the milk parlor has been very rewarding. We look forward to many years of enjoyment making our new product and being with our family of milking Dexters.

Have a look at some of our Dexters! They are all registered with the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association. We choose the very best genetics for our breeding program and give our cattle the best quality lives we know how to give them. They truly live a life of Riley!