Welcome to our Micro-Dairy

dexter_calfAt Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, LLC, we practice the tradition of kefir culture. We are pleased to introduce an artisanal, farmstead kefir cheese, cultured with living kefir grains and handcrafted with the creamy raw milk from our grass fed and pastured Irish Dexter cows.
Our Kefir cheese is quite unique. We are the first and only producer in the western hemisphere to offer an authentic, probiotic kefir cheese!!

Kefir grains are relationships between friendly symbiotic micro-organisms that culture and flavor the cheese. They are a bio-matrix of beneficial bacteria that occur naturally and propagate when immersed in milk. Kefir grains have been nurtured, sustained and passed down through generations by peoples around the world who enjoy excellent health and longevity.


We are blessed to be able to continue the sustainable work of keeping kefir grains alive here on our planet, and very pleased to offer you a living food!

In Honor of David Brown
Cheese Expert, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Email us at kefircheese@gmail.com

Or contact us at:

Rose Marie Belforti
1853 Black Rock Road
King Ferry, New York 13081